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Zach Conley, the co-founder of Una Vida Tequila, joins the MCMS SBS to discuss Una Vida adjusting to the ‘new normal’. Thankfully, Missouri restaurants are now allowed to sell cocktails to-go during the stay-at-home order...

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Wichita tequila fairy ‘just trying to lift spirits’ of out-of-work bartenders

The Wichita and St. Louis owners of Una Vida Tequila are playing “quarantine tequila fairies” by delivering free tequila bottles to out-of-work bartenders to spread some joy and thank them for supporting their brand. Wichita partner Bryce Lob is shown making a delivery on Thursday..

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Three Tidbits: Three Kings Pub ups its game, Tower Grove Farmers' Market and Una Vida Tequila deliver

When the coronavirus pandemic virtually idled local restaurants, Zach Conley and Bryce Lob, owners of St. Louis-based Una Vida Tequila, thought about what they could do to help furloughed restaurant workers....

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St. Louis' 'Quarantine Tequila Fairy' Answers the Call

Like everyone in the food and beverage community, Zach Conley and Bryce Lob, have been watching in horror as the industry they work in and love is decimated by the COVID-19 pandemic...

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The restaurant partnered with the St. Louis–based tequila brand to design a spirit tailored to Mission Taco’s margarita recipe.

Mission Taco Joint  is launching a private label tequila with St. Louis–based brand Una Vida Tequila. The Mission Taco Joint Una Vida Blanco Tequila was designed specifically for use in the restaurant’s top-selling Mission Margarita and will be behind the bar at all six Mission Taco Joint restaurants in St. Louis and Kansas City...

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Mission Taco Joint Unveils Private Label Una Vida Tequila

Mission Taco Joint announced a partnership with local spirits brand, Una Vida Tequila from One Life Spirits, to create a new private label tequila. The restaurant now carries the Mission Taco Joint Una Vida Blanco Tequila at all six locations for the Mission Margarita, late-night happy hour tequila shots and select craft cocktails...

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The restaurant will now carry the Mission Taco Joint Una Vida Blanco Tequila

“We wanted to have a hand-selected tequila program and provide our guests with an amazing margarita,” beverage director Kyle Harlan said. “Our guests know and love our Mission Margarita, so the challenge was to find the perfect tequila flavor profile for our recipe.”

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Mission Taco Joint Launches Private Label Tequila

Tacos and tequila – what could be better?

Mission Taco Joint has partnered with a local spirits brand to create a new private-label tequila. The restaurant will now carry the Mission Taco Joint Una Vida Blanco Tequila at all six locations. The Mission Taco Joint tequila has an "agave-forward profile with notes of honey and vanilla and a slight floral finish," according to a press release...

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Mission Taco Joint Now Has It's Own Tequila

The "Mexi-Cali" restaurant group, which operates locations in the Kansas City and St. Louis areas, has teamed up with St. Louis-based Una Vida Tequila to create a new private-label tequila specifically for the restaurant...

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Locally owned Una Vida tequila makes its mark in St. Louis

Chances are you’ve made what Zach Conley calls “the tequila face.” You know: when you do a tequila shot and it burns, and your face scrunches up in the ugliest of ways. Those who associate tequila with “the face” and with lime and salt might be surprised to attend a tasting with Conley, who co-founded One Life Spirits with Bryce Lob....

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Great tequila & skinny margaritas

Ahhhh tequila…For a lot of us tequila has engraved a series of memories in our minds both amazing and equally bad. When I hear tequila my mind instantly takes me back to my college days hustling poor souls at the bar for a shot of...

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Wichitan who’s ‘always had a good relationship with tequila’ builds startup around it

In May, Lob and two partners launched a tequila called Una Vida after several months of what he acknowledges was not unpleasant research in the Mexican state of Jalisco. It hit the shelves in local liquor stores, restaurants and bars two weeks ago. “We quit our jobs to start a tequila company,” Lob said.....

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